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Caston Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy


Caston School Corporation offers an online virtual academy for students who need to complete coursework in a home based environment.  Through the Caston Virtual Academy, the Caston School Corporation offers state approved courses in grades 6-12 through Edmentum online curriculum.  Online instructors and school based support will be provided to ensure that students are successful with the online learning platform.  

Once the online application process is completed, someone from the school will contact you to get the necessary paperwork to complete a transcript review.  A school counselor will review your student's transcript and a course schedule will be setup that ensures that your student is on the path to academic success and graduation.

To be considered for the virtual academy you must have at home reliable internet and a device that will connect to the internet.

The first step towards consideration for the program is completing the online application. Once it is completed, someone from the school will review the application and contact you about your student's admission into the academy.

Click Here for the Caston Virtual Academy Online Application

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Caston Guidance Department at 574-598-8000 ext 342.