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Registration and Enrollment

2023-2024 Information for Students Previously Enrolled at Caston 

Caston School Corporation utilizes FinalForms for student registration. In order to maintain compliance, all parents will be required to register on the FinalForms platform before August 14, 2023. Please make sure you create your parent account, and when registering students please enter their Caston email (Required for grades 6-12 ONLY). You must sign off on all forms (academic & athletic).

All student emails grades 6-12 follow the same formation:

student first name.student last


****IF you already have a FinalForms account from athletics, you will not need to create a new account. Simply, sign off on the academic forms when registering your athlete. Reminder: You only need one parent account, but each student will have their own account established with their Caston email (grades 6-12 ONLY) since they will be required to sign off on forms as well. Grades K-5 only require a parent signature. 

If you have any questions please contact the following individuals:

Angie Chapman - Elementary office,

Kelli Spin - Jr. Sr. High School,

Erin Kline - Athletics,

For online help click here.

To access grades and lunch account you will still need a Harmony Family Access account. Click on the link to log in to Harmony Family Access: Harmony Family Access

If you do not have a Harmony account please watch the video below to create an account.

In person registration will be held on August 1, 2023 from 9 AM-3 PM and August 2, 2023 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Registration will be held in the school's main office.


Chuck Evans, Jr/Sr High School Principal

Jennifer Lukens, Elementary Principal

2023-24 Information for Kindergarten Enrollment and Students Transferring to Caston

Welcome! You belong at Caston!

Click HERE to go to the Registration page.

Experience our academic and extra-curricular opportunities that take place in a caring and personalized setting.  Reach your fullest potential by developing into an independent thinker, learning to respect yourself and others, utilizing a positive attitude, learning everyday living skills and being motivated to achieve in the competitive world in which we live.
Discover. Explore. Begin.

Students who move into the Caston school district can create a new Harmony student management account by following the directions on the video below:

Caston School Corporation welcomes students new to Caston and invites families to join us for registration on August 1, 2023 from 9 AM-3 PM and August 2, 2023 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Registration will be held in the school's main office.

If you are unable to accommodate this date/time, please contact the Principals for the respective schools at the contact below.


Chuck Evans, Jr/Sr High School Principal

Jennifer Lukens, Elementary Principal

Caston School Corporation Accepting Out of District Enrollment 

At the May 24, 2023 Board Meeting, the Caston School Board of Trustees approved the following for Out-Of-District Enrollment:

Caston will continue to accept students living outside the Caston School Corporation’s district boundaries for free enrollment in our school corporation.  A Request for Transfer Form must completed and submitted to the school principal for each student requesting a transfer to one of the Caston schools.  Once a student living out-of-district is admitted to Caston, he or she may continue attending Caston so long as the student upholds the terms of the transfer agreement.

Caston may provide transportation for out-of-district students; however, is under no obligation to provide transportation.  Out-of-district students able to transport themselves to a regular bus stop established by Caston may utilize a Caston bus for transportation to and from school so long as there is space to accommodate the student.

The deadline established for accepting students residing out-of-district will be February 1, 2024.  Students requesting enrollment beyond this date will be considered for late enrollment if space is available after giving consideration to the reason for requesting late enrollment.  There is no obligation to accept an out-of-district student, regardless of the reason, beyond the published deadline.

We will accept up to 15 students per grade level who have not previously enrolled at Caston and reside outside the district.  If all sections at a specific grade level are full, and accepting one or more out-of-district students would create the need for additional staff, we reserve the right to deny enrollment based upon budgetary constraints.

Per Indiana law, the school may deny enrollment at Caston to a student residing outside our district due to poor attendance or a prior severe disciplinary record documented by another school.

Caston will not deny enrollment based upon disability unless we cannot provide for the needs of the student within the programs available at Caston.